Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Global Warming

May it possible for the next generation to live here?      
Polluted watersheds and more polluted earth,
All the mountains here meditating for a shadow to cool,
All the rivers were dried with thirsted tongues,
Even the wind is waiting breathless for many days,
Seeds are murmuring "is this our birth place"?
The murmur of the leaves and the song of the birds,
All ends, and hearing only the scream of the earth,
Colors are vanished and the spring gone forever,
And tomorrow our earth will become a snow stricken wasteland,
The selfish ones who steal the happiness,
Are those ones who burns the goodness of earth,
If the green mind awaken in us,
We can move together,
Let our minds sing together,
Soil don't want huge dams, big complexes, atomic reactors and war of course,
Let us begin development from the barriers of mind,
Let us make the development for blooming of a good world.

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